Sunday, November 7, 2010

nov 26th- Rockford il-The hipster house w/ the please and thank yous and island of misfit toys

Nov 27th- kalamazoo MI- the anthill w/ lincoln county war

nov 28th- oberlin OH- Agave w/ zack kelley and bobby stevens

nov 29th- Fort ashby WV- St. Broseph's Cathedral w/ I forget and the meeps

nov 30th- Baltimore MD- ottobar w/ a garden overgrown

dec 1st- collageville PA-Hillel House 33 6th Ave w/ paul blest , trunks and tales and ALY!

dec 2nd- Wilmington DE - the marcellar w/ paul blest, trunks and tales

dec 3rd - New Brunswick- Nj- Little richards w/The waltz , french and sad

dec 4th brooklyn ny - TBA- w/ the waltz, french and sad

dec 5th long island Ny-the brewhouse w/ the waltz, sleep bellum sonno

Thursday, September 23, 2010

July 14th - Fort Ashby WV...Goin back to those gold soundz

Fort ashby is one of my favorite places to be...we have so many friends there and its beautiful.... this night was amazing!....heres me geoff and lane ''trying'' to cover a smoking popes song!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

july 12th 2010 Athens Ohio-Those jorts are never gonna dry bro!

The man above we met in a traffic jam....he is the tour sponsor and rules hard. We got to athens ohio around 7pm. Geoff played an awkward but awesome acoustic set... My set was soon after and went well but the real highlight of the night was ''Bobby Stevens'' another acoustic act that that killed it he played 3 bruce springsteen songs and the rest of the night was spent wondering around the city in a haze of bars in search of cheap food

its always something wonderful to meet people in other cities you feel you can relate to. Instead of 30 kids who kinda care there was 11 kids at this who seemed to really care we made enough money to get to the next city with out even breaking 20 people at the show. its nights likes this one that you think back on and miss.

Monday, September 6, 2010

July 9th-11th

Rockford Il..july 9th
i hate that i wanna be a billionaire song so fricken bad
its good to have lane and geoff on this first week. Im excited to be a part of lanes first tour. The tapes look great and the show was fun this whole day i felt like i was forgetting something.

antioch il July 10th
day 2 with the please and thank yous my band with geoff and marcus ''The Franklettes'' played it was super rowdy just like we like it. My brother got lost missed the show by 10 mins... i promise this will get more interesting as it goes...

July 11th
last day in il till me and geoff and lane set off for new york
this show was super awkward but we had a great time swimming and eating burgers
joey seger was a good dude...

Thursday, September 2, 2010


i kept a notebook while i was gone .......the next entries are what i wrote down for every city.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


july 9th-Rockford ,il -Culture shock w/ bloom, 7the st saints and Tricaplex 5$ 8PM

july 10th -Antioch, Il - Garick's house (850 heather ct) FULL BAND W/Tpaty, The revision plan (Donation based) 8PM

july 11th- Lansing, Il- Joey seger's house FULL BAND w/TPATY 8PM

July 12th-Athens ,Oh -cambel corpse w/Bobby stevens (donation based) 8pm

july 13th-kittaning ,Pa - John conwell's w/Awesome possum skateboard party 8pm (donation based)

July 14th-Fort Ashby, wv-Fort ashby community center w/dogjaw, iforget, bear arms and more! 8pm 5$

july 15th Elizabethtown,PA-The basement w/shipwrecks 6pm (donation based)

july 16th-New York ,NY- yippie museum cafe w/ aldo perez 8pm ( free)


July 17th (SAT) - Amityville, NY Beery's East Rock w/sleep bellum sonno, Victor! Fix the Sun, Reptilian 8pm 5$

July 18th (SUN) - New Brunswick, NJ-little Richards w/ Sleep Bellum Sonno ,Rapid Cities 3PM! (donation based)

July 19th (MON) - Hershey, PA Dans Auto Body w/ Sleep Bellum Sonno and shipwrecks 8pm (donation based)

July 20th (TUES) - Canton, OH Oldglory w/ Sleep sonny bonno 6pm 5$

July 21 (WED) - Columbus, OH Monster House w/ LemiaBelus and Sleep honey ohno 8pm (donation based)

July 22nd (THURS) - Greenbrier, TN Loudhouse Coffee w/ sweet money hobo 8pm 5$

July 23rd (FRI) - St louis, MO LEMP Neighborhood Arts Center w/Sweet money hobo (donation based) 8pm

July 24th (SAT) - Kansas City, MO salt walter taffy house w/ Grizzly J Berry and sweep honey bozo 8pm (donation based)

July 25th (SUN)- Wichita, KS Xibalba w/
Robust Android ,Low Oriole and sleep bellum sonno

July 26th (MON)- Lawrence, KS The Mouth w/ Lizards have Personalities and cheap sunny gogo

July 27th (TUES)- Tulsa,OK-rooftop of the boydel w/ campus on fire , sleep bellum sonno 5$ 8pm

July 28th (WED)- Fort Worth, TX- 1919 Hemphill w/ weep crummy blowhole 8pm 5$

July 29th (THURS)- Austin, TX- Red 7 w/weep crummy blow hole 8pm 5$

July 30th (FRI)- San Antonio, TX (IN PROGRESS w/ Dude Jams)

July 31st (SAT)- Houston, TX- Minks on Main w/ keep runny rococo ( im running out of good ones)

August 1st (SUN)- Baton Rouge, LA - PARTY
August 2nd (MON)- New Orleans, LA -PARTY

August 3rd (TUES)- Atlanta, GA Wonderroot w/ sleep bellum sonno 8pm 5$

August 4th (WED)- Greenville, SC The Hangar w/ sleep bellum sonno 8pm 5$

August 5th (THURS)- Greensboro, NC Seven Day Weekend w/ sleep bellum sonno 8pm 5$

August 6th (FRI)- Richmond, VA (Possibly in progress with Postcards)

August 7th (SAT)- Washington,DC/Baltimore, MD

August 8th (SUN)- Baltimore, MD (IN PROGRESS w/ A Garden Overgrown)

August 10th (TUES) - West Babylon, NY Sinclairs w/ Warren Franklin, TBA

August 11th (WED) - DAY OFF/PARTY